Is it "no code," "no-code," "nocode," "visual development," or "vis dev"? What about "low code" or "codeless"? No matter the terminology, this site celebrates creating and building products and services using drag-and-drop tools coupled with custom code.
Hear more about this site on Espree Devora's Women in Tech Podcast or read about another project I built on No Code Founders. I've shared some of my #NoCode takes in A conversation with no-code innovators on Zapier's blog. I am a #100DaysofNocode Creator in Residence and help behind the scenes on Aron Korenblit's Automate All the Things livestream. I'm a past co-organizer for CloneComp, the Global Open House, and State of Flow. In 2022, I was nominated as a Webflow Community MVP.
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