Tasks Complete

Initial Project Set-up

Successful acceptance will trigger decommissioning of files on current servers.

DNS entries can take time to propagate. DNS entries recorded.
Fallback email if issues with domain
Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console

Advance Preparations

TIP: If moving from WordPress, install a plugin for exporting data to CSV.

Places to start include setting a project name, fav icon, timezone, password protection, and Webflow branding.

DNS entries can take time to propagate.

Screencaptures of existing site
Download existing site


DNS entries can take time to propagate.

If development servers were used, make them unavailable. Otherwise, during spot testing could end up inadvertently in a dev environment if something was overlooked.

If moving to Webflow, for example, update the setting to add a project to the Webflow Showcase


Establish new reports, if appropriate

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