I love building in Airtable.

It's a powerful tool for organizing and working with data.

You are able to manage data in ways that aren't possible with an Excel Doc or Google Sheet.

Unlike a traditional spreadsheet, Airtable is a relational database. It requires a mind-shift. It can be intimidating. But it's worth pushing through. You'll have your "a ha" moment and never look back.

What helped me get to my "a ha" moment was Aron Korenblit's The Essential Guide to Airtable. It's several years old now, which is why choosing The Ultimate Guide to Airtable is the right choice. Aron was a founding member of Airtable's education team. He excels at distilling down the essentials so you can use Airtable like a pro in a minimal amount of time. If you want to know how Airtable works, purchase The Ultimate Guide to Airtable and be working smarter, not harder.