If you want to utilize some of Webflow's stengths while continuing to use WordPress, here are two options.

  1. Use the Webflow pages plugin for WordPress. It's limited, so start by first creating a page in Webflow and mapping it to a page on a WordPress site to understand what it can do. It might be the perfect solution, for example, to show what's possible in Webflow before undertaking a migration project from WordPress.
  2. Create a design in Webflow, export the code from Webflow, and convert it into a WordPress theme. Udesly and Pinegrow are tools that can assist with converting exported Webflow code into usable WordPress themes. The process will need to be repeated if you make changes to the design, unless you only make them on the created WordPress theme. Taking this approach will mean that your Webflow project will be out of sync with the WordPress theme.