Are you a fan of cooking shows, like Chopped and The Great British Bake Off? If so, you'll love what Raymmar Tirado and I have cooking up for the Webflow Sarasota Meetup in June.

We're organizing the first ever #CloneComp. On June 9th, we'll be releasing a cloneable along with instructions. Registered participants will then have until noon Eastern the next day to submit their entry for Round 1. For Rounds 2 and 3, participants are to use another participant's cloneable as a starting point for the day's challenge. At the end, there will be a Happy Hour on June 12th for participants and those who want to see what was built.

For all the rules, to sign up for email updates and to join the Slack channel, visit the official #CloneComp site:

Special thanks to supporters Code Crumbs, Finsweet, Flowbase, Jetboost, Makerpad, Memberstack, and and media partners VISUALDEV.FM and No-Code Report.