Clone Comp starts in two weeks! Join the email list or Slack channel for all the news.

Showcase and grow your Webflow skills, no matter what your skill level, during this special, 3-day competition organized by the Webflow Sarasota Meetup group.

On July 21 at noon eastern, we’ll post a cloneable and additional details about the competition, including how to submit each day’s entry.  The next day, additional instructions will be released at noon. To continue, you’ll select another participant’s entry from the Webflow Showcase -- that's why this is called "Clone Comp" -- and build on what has been done, leaving your unique mark or continuing in the style of the original design. The process repeats for a third and final round, culminating in an online Happy Hour where winners will be announced. 

You can participate in as many rounds as you like -- though some prizes are only for those who participate in all three rounds.

This even would not be possible without sponsors Code Crumbs, F*insweet, Flowbase, Jetboost, Makerpad, Memberstack,, and Webflow and media partners VisualDev.FM and NoCode.Report. Thanks to Joe Krug and his team at F*insweet for building the website.