Well -- maybe.

Depends on your project.

But yes. But maybe because it depends on your project. A few areas to look at:

  • How much data do you plan to have? There are limits to how many pages and how much Collection content you can have.
  • Are you looking to build a membership site? At present, user management and page access is not native to Webflow, but has been announced as an in development feature. Memberstack is a third party add-on that makes it possible to include memberships with one's Webflow site.
  • Are you wanting to create CMS items based on form data? It's not possible to connect a Webflow form to Collections WITHOUT using a third party service like Zapier. If you are collecting images via forms, you may need to upgrade the plan that you are on. Alternatively, if you are using Airtable or Typeform already, you could use those to collect data and then create and update items on a Webflow site with Zapier or Integromat as a conduit for data flow.

For additional perspective, the Pixel Geek recorded some thoughts.

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