After styling rich text blocks on a project, I later realized that my ordered and unordered lists were using the wrong font. Creating a new blank page with a list and generic placeholder text allowed a quick way to update the site's list styles.  In addition to styling lists, as shown below, there is also the ability to style list items. Additional details can be found in the Webflow University Design Tutorial on Ordered and Unordered Lists.

Styling lists in the Webflow Designer
Accessing the lists selector in order to apply styling

Still frustrated dealing with lists? Corey Moen shared a cloneable for nested ordered lists, perfect for working on terms and conditions, privacy policy, and similar types of pages.

Auto-Generated Transcript

After publishing a recent post, I had noticed that I had neglected to format my ordered list and unordered lists that are coming in from the CMS collection via rich text in a rich text field. So this is my quick tip on how to make sure that your ordered lists and unordered lists have the formatting that you like -- so you can see in this particular example that there's a difference in the types of fonts that are used between these ordered lists and unordered lists. So going into Webflow, it seems my method is a little bit convoluted and so please put in the comments if you have a better way to do this. So I'm just going to add a list and then going to add text, just generic text into my list. And then going over here, I have the ability to collect, to hit, to select, excuse me, to select all list items, which is what I want to do. And as you can see, the font is Merriweather and not the font that I'm actually using elsewhere on the site. So just quickly changing that. And if I then go back over here and refresh, I can see that the font has now changed, probably still needs a little bit more formatting, but at least now I'm in the same font family. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.