Auto-Generated Transcript

This is a little bit of a cheeky video. I am trying to check the box here so that I have more videos in 2021 than I did in 2020. So this is just a little quick tip on dealing with checkbox in webflow. For the longest time, I had trouble customizing the look and feel of checkboxes and doing that consistently. One of the pieces of information that I was missing was that you need to have this make as custom, not as the default.

And once you get that checked, a lot of the issues that I had with styling went away. So if we go back over here to my checkbox and my div naming is not really great here, so just disregard that for the moment. You'll see, when I hover, I've got a hover state. If I click over here, you can see, hey, I've got hover with a color here. We take that off, go to nine.

So you see that that is actually working. If I come back over here under these settings and I switch this over to the checkbox of default, all of a sudden that behavior goes away. So if you're having issues, it may be that you need to have this checked. Voila it's back. If you're doing a lot of forms, this may be a place where symbols can come in handy.

So one of the things I will do is once I get something styled, I will save this as a symbol and then paste it into my forms as needed so that I'm not having to come in here and adjust these settings and then also adjust my settings over here. So that's a quick tip. I hope that helps.

Happy building.